Petranima Wellness in Trulli – Indulge in Puglia Paradise with your Dog!

Petranima Wellness in Trulli won our hearts immediately. After much deliberation, we decided to find somewhere outside of the city for this stay. There were many awesome hotels right in the historic center of Ostuni, but a new trend has seen the transition of old farmhouses (many with the distinctive conical stone roofs called “trulli”) in the surrounding area into modern luxury B&Bs.

Once we saw the picture of Petranima Wellness in Trulli, and realized we could stay inside a trulli and bring Helga, we were sold. It’s about a 20 minute drive to the historic center, through rolling hills of olive groves, past amazing trulli dwellings, and along miles and miles of dry-stacked ancient stone walls. That 20 minutes felt like nothing.

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There are only six suites, and each one is unique and beautiful! They are all featured on the website with photos, but you can’t make a bad choice. We ended up with the perfect one for us. (See dog-friendliness section below). All the rooms have stunning whitewashed stone interiors, thoughtful decoration, and a certain etherial, magical quality I can’t quite put into words.


Petranima Wellness in Trulli offers spa services to order, and features an outdoor workout area, and a gorgeous pool, and hot tub. Each suite has designated chairs, and they tend to the pool and hot tub meticulously.

There is a shaded parking area immediately behind the main building.

Food at Petranima Wellness in Trulli

A lovely light-filled dining area hosted a delicious fresh breakfast buffet featuring the usual European fare. Since they know how Americans love their eggs, they offered to make eggs to order too! There were fresh fruit juices, local cheeses and meats, amazing breads including onion focaccia that I still crave.

And Italy loves sweet beginnings so they offered fruit, yogurt, pastries and cake. They even had my new favorite thing in the universe, pasticciotti – a pastry tart shell filled with heavenly custardy cream. *swoon* Espresso drinks and coffee were made to order. Each suite had its own assigned table in the dining room which looked out over the pool and olive grove.

They also had a poolside lunch menu, and if you want to have dinner at the hotel (because why would you ever want to leave??) they’ll fetch it for you if you order in advance. We enjoyed champagne by the pool, and that may have been the absolute most relaxing moment of our 16 day trip. When we left, they packed us a fantastic farewell focaccia lunch that we ate on our way to our next stop. “Maybe you will think of us when you eat it,” the receptionist said as we checked out. We did.


If anything could top the location, and the facilities, it’s the staff. This is a small business and everyone dedicated themselves to meeting the needs of the guests. Whether it was instantaneous response to an issue in our room, or offering guests special meals ordered in, or packing picnic breakfasts or lunches to take with them as they explore the surrounding area, every detail was attended to. We were greeted with an iced tea in the breakfast room, and received incredibly warm hospitable service for the duration of our stay.

Dog friendliness of Petranima Wellness in Trulli

One thing we noticed during our road trip in Italy is that Italians really like, and welcome dogs almost anywhere! Petranima Wellness in Trulli is no exception. Even their website makes a point of specifically welcoming your dog. Bowls were provided in the room too.

We stayed in the Diamante Suite, which has a private area with two lounge chairs overlooking the olive grove, and a gated area when Helga was free to roam. There was one spot where she was able to jump up to, but we thwarted her escape plan and decided it was best to keep her leashed. But if your dog is not a jumper, this setup is ideal and you might want to request the Diamante Suite.

Helga really liked the room. I’m not sure what it was. Maybe her inner wolf loved the cozy cave atmosphere! The room was not spacious, but had a little table and chairs, a stocked mini-fridge, and lovely toiletries. Plus, absolute quiet. We all slept like rocks.

Do We Recommend Petranima Wellness in Trulli?

Absolutely. This place checked all the boxes. It was gorgeous, welcoming, well run, immaculate, and super dog friendly. For a relaxing retreat that serves as a great central hub for your Puglia adventure, this is your place, and you can book your amazing stay right HERE.

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