Welcome! I’m Jeanne Chilton Devon, a NYTimes best-selling author, award-winning blogger, and lifelong traveler who moved across the world from Alaska for my bucket list dream of living in Europe! You won’t see me twirling my skirt on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, or telling you to save money by sleeping in a tent. I’m a Gen-Xer who’s tasted mortality and I’m on fire to see the world and its wonders – with a good roof over my head, my dog, my guy, and a cocktail.

The little village where I live in southern Germany may be small, but it’s right in the heart of Europe. My husband David and I, and our trusty semi-neurotic sidekick Helga the frenchie, make the most out of it – exploring the art, history, culture and food of this amazing continent.

What will you get from this page? A big buffet of museums, castles, cathedrals, nerding out on historical places, beautiful villas and gardens, and off-the-beaten-path cities and hidden gems that will fire you up to pack your bags. Plus lots of dog-friendly travel content and tips because sometimes you think you’re an empty nester, and then realize you have a four-legged toddler!

The thing I hope most is that my words and photos inspire you to dust off the suitcase, visit some of these unique and amazing places, and do the thing you’ve always wanted to do. The future is never guaranteed, so take your “some day” and turn it into right now!

Feel free to reach out and contact me at: contact[at]theadventurelion[dot]com!

[Heads up! This site may contain ‘affiliate links’, meaning I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through those links. This doesn’t cost you anything, and you can rest assured I’m not linking anything I don’t fully endorse! So if you do use the links here, thank you so much for helping me provide you with useful and entertaining content!]

Oh, and why ‘The Adventure Lion?’ On a trip to Budapest I noticed an abundance of beautiful lion sculptures and started photographing them. Then I started noticing the lions in Prague, and Heidelberg, and the Tyrol. Lions in art and architecture are everywhere, but each one has its own personality that reflects the unique style of the artist, the era of its creation, and its place in the world. Lions, to me, became the connecting thread between all these amazing places, representing the unique beauty in new lands, and the delightful and different ways we all see the same things.

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