Staying at Magnificent Hotel Miramare Stabia with Your Dog – a Review

What’s it like staying on the Bay of Naples at the Hotel Miramare Stabia with your dog? Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing place, right on the Bay of Naples!

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Corso Garibaldi, 1, Castellammare di Stabia, Italy

The hotel is located on the promenade in Castellammare di Stabia, close to the city center, and right on the beach. The photo above is taken from the terrace at the hotel. You can see the paved promenade on the left, with periodic steps down to the beach.

The Italian National railway and Circumvesuviana (the local train) stations, the Mountain Faito cable car, and Ancient thermal springs are all reachable in a few minutes on foot.

Pompeii is about 5 miles (8km) away, Herculaneum 12 miles (20km), Naples 18 miles (30km), Sorrento 12 miles (20km), the Amalfi Coast 28 miles (45km), making Castellamare di Stabia a convenient, calm, and off-the-beaten path base of operations for the area.

You can also catch a boat to the Island of Capri 18 miles (30km), Ischia 31 miles (50km), or Procida 25 miles (40 km).


I booked the Hotel Miramare Stabia after searching for pet-friendly hotels on As always, I made my standard ask on the message portal, stating that we’d like a quiet room away from the elevator and foot traffic if possible. Our girl is a little reactive so the less noise from outside the room, the better.

They were quick to respond letting me know that on some nights there may be music from various private events on the rooftop that might go until midnight. Music is not an issue for our dog, but I appreciated the heads up. Turns out it was quiet all three nights we were there.

Through the message forum I also arranged for a bottle of prosecco in the room, and booked dinner at their in-house restaurant which I’ll detail below.

They responded professionally and quickly to everything.

Arrival at Hotel Miramare Stabia

πŸ•‘πŸ•™ Check-in time is 2pm, and checkout time is 10am, about an hour earlier than most so note that if you are on a timetable.

πŸš— By Car


We drove here during our 16-day road trip which you can read about here!

The hotel is about equidistant between Naples and Solerno, and about a half hour drive. It’s geographically closer to the Amalfi Coast, but the slow, winding roads make the drive more like an hour.

Tip: Don’t drive a giant car! The smaller the better here, both for being able to fit on the narrow winding roads in the area, and to be able to maneuver in towns and cities, and to be able to park! We drove a Mini Countryman (I call it the MegaMini) and it felt big at times.


The hotel does NOT have parking on site, but there are several options. You can use a public parking lot about 500 feet away, park on the street and recharge the meter periodically, or use an affiliated private garage about a block away across the street. We went for the last option, and paid €15 (about $20) per day.

You won’t believe that your car will actually fit in this place, but parking garages in Italy all have attendants that know some kind of parking magic and make it work. The attendants were kind and professional and knew enough English to make it work smoothly.

There is a space immediately adjacent to the hotel where you can pull in and unload your luggage and the dog before you go park.

✈️ From the Airport

If you are coming in from the Naples Airport, here’s a link to all the ways to get to the hotel including train, bus, taxi, and towncar.

The Hotel Miramare Stabia

This hotel could not have a better location. That’s not evident when you first arrive on a bustling street full of shops and eateries. But the hotel is thoughtfully designed so that every room – yes every room – looks out over the Bay of Naples. There are a few rooms on the side with a “partial sea view” which don’t have a 180-degree view of the full coastline (including Vesuvius) but you can definitely see the water and the beach from the mini-balconies.

The whole design and architecture makes you feel as though you’re on a ship. The predominant colors are white and aquamarine blue. And there’s a lot of white in the hallway! But everything was absolutely immaculate and bright, right down to the crazy mirror-box elevator!

The sprawling veranda on the first floor with its gorgeous watery herringbone tiles was just breathtaking, and the outdoor pool overlooking the water was spectacular.

The Room

We stayed in a “comfort double room with a sea view,” which exceeded my expectations!

πŸͺŸ The view was absolutely jaw dropping. To the left, the shore curved revealing a picture perfect Medieval castle on a steep slope overlooking the sea. To the right, a ribbon of sand ended in a stunning view of Mount Vesuvius and Naples beyond. If you want a view of the Bay, look no further than this place.

It was impossible not to think of what the cataclysm of 79AD must have looked like from here. The whole area was obliterated when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, along with the better-known cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. And now the modern-city of Castellamare di Stabia sits in its place.

πŸ› The bed was fabulously comfortable and with plugs on either side of the headboard! There was also a hard floor and no carpeting which we really like. Sometimes carpets can harbor smells only dogs can smell, and we try to avoid the inevitable consequences of that whenever we can!

🚿 The bathroom was more than adequate with one very large sink, shower, tub, and heated towel bars.

There was plenty of space to set up Helga’s “doggie condo” with her bed, bowls, a rug, and chew toys.

βœ… Minibar, air conditioning, and free wifi!

Restaurants at Hotel Miramare Stabia


Breakfast was lovely, with a large continental spread. If you choose the room rate without breakfast, it’s 15 Euros per person. We ate there two mornings. If the weather is nice, the adjoining terrace is open and you can enjoy the beautiful vistas while you sip your cappuccino.


We arrived late when we checked in and grabbed a quick bite at the in-house restaurant, Nettuno. We both had a pasta dish and wine which was quite good. The restaurant’s closing hour was near, but the staff was gracious even though we were late. It’s located in the same area as breakfast, with a terrace overlooking the water – available when it’s not raining. The inside space isn’t particularly remarkable, but that view! *swoon*

Terrazza Mirari

I’ve saved the best for last! Terrazza Mirari restaurant, located on that fabulous aquamarine terrace, is a meal I will not soon forget. The service was impeccable, the food was unique, delicious, and creative. The local wine was wonderful too.

We had the five-course menu, and made an evening of it. The sunset over the Bay was beautiful, and we got to enjoy the coastline light up like stars all the way to Naples. Romantic and memorable from beginning to end!

Concierge Service

The front desk staff is very helpful and friendly, and their English is great. They’ll help fix you up with the beauty center, the pool club, the charter, reservations for the restaurants or arranging day trips to Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, or Capri. We used the hotel as our jumping off point for Naples, Pompeii, and Herculaneum.

I would recommend that you make reservations at Terrazza Mirare when you make your room reservation because they do fill up! You can do it all through the message center which is convenient.

Pet Friendliness at Hotel Miramare Stabia

➑️ The hotel says that “small pets” can stay at the hotel, so if you have a dog you’re not sure qualifies as “small,” definitely have a conversation with the front desk first.

🍡 Hotel Miramare Stabia did provide bowls, and a little mat. We ended up using our own bowls because we drove from home, but it’s always nice to know that if you forget you’re covered.

Helga had feelings about the “I heart cat” rug!

🍽 I loved the fact that there was such a great dining option in the hotel (Terrazza Mirari) which let us have a leisurely dinner/date night and be right back in the room afterwards with no travel time.

🚿 I’m not sure if all the rooms have a tub, but ours did and it was really great to give Helga a nice warm bath after long walks on the beach!

🌳 The hotel sits right on a seaside promenade with stairs down to the beach. Helga absolutely adored this place, and had all kinds of fun sniffing seaweed, and running in the sand. She even went in the water a little way since the waves were small. We discovered a little fountain on the promenade, just steps from the hotel, where we could wash her little sandy paws off before going back to the room.

πŸ’°They charge €20 per day, which included a bowl, a little rug, and an extra cleaning charge. This is pretty standard for dog-friendly hotels in Europe.

⚠️ HEADS UP! This was a new one for us! It turns out that there’s a little design flaw on the deck railing, and Helga, much to our dismay, decided to go visit our neighbors! She’s normally a bit reactive with people and we had all kinds of nightmare thoughts about the havoc she might cause.

It turned out fine and after she had the zoomies through their room, she figured out how to get back. The neighbors were very gracious about it, and we ended up stuffing a pillow into the gap when we let her on the balcony so it wouldn’t happen again. A little adrenaline shot in our otherwise relaxing stay! So if you’ve got a little peanut, beware!

Would We Stay at Miramare Stabia with a dog again?

Absolutely. This is truly a special place, and not just for the humans. The only hiccup we had was Helga’s little adventure to greet the neighbors, but now we know and can take precautions. All in all, she had a spectacular time on the beach and looking at the boats, and walking along the promenade. All the seaside smells must have been paradise for her. Highly recommended by all!

Rating: 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴

If you’re ready to book and stay at the Hotel Miramare Stabia with your dog, you can do it RIGHT HERE and tell them Helga the frenchie sent you! We hope you have a great time and that this review of staying at Hotel Miramare Stabia with your dog helps to make your trip unforgettable!

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