Best Dog-Friendly Hotel in Poznan Poland – Sheraton Poznan

I recently marked my third week-long stay with my french bulldog at the best dog-friendly hotel in Poznan – the Poznan Sheraton. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your stay in one of my favorite cities with your four-legged travel buddy!


The hotel is located at Bukowska 3/9, Poznan which is about 6 km (3.7 miles) from the airport, and 850m (.5 miles) from the train station.

It’s about a 20-minute walk to get from the hotel to the Old Town, but I never mind walking it. Poznan has some amazing architecture and interesting sights along the way.

It’s also very pedestrian and bike friendly, with large passageways that guide you under busy intersections, and designated sidewalk lanes for bicycles and those going by foot.

Checking in and parking

If you arrive by car, you can pull up to the car port by the main entrance while you check in. As you pull out of the car park, take your first right along the side of the hotel and then turn right into the underground parking garage. You’ll use your card key to raise the gate.

There is a door in the parking garage which accesses the elevators that will bring you to the lobby, or to your floor.

Parking is 150PLN (about $38 per day), and you will need to make a reservation for that when you book your room. An electric vehicle charging station is available in the garage.

The Lobby

You’ll find two restaurants, a restroom, the reception area, and several beautiful large seating areas. The hotel has undergone a fairly recent renovation and the atmosphere is light, airy, and lovely.

They always have a big dispenser of lemonade in the summer. Luggage carts are available in the lobby.

The Room

The rooms are comfortable, clean, and well-equipped with everything from a stocked mini-fridge and Keurig-style coffee maker, to terrycloth robes, slippers, sewing kit, and even a wooden shoe horn.

Your view will either be facing a fascinating Soviet-style building which is now home to Historyland (aka the Lego Museum), and the hustle bustle of street cars, or on the backside looking over some buildings and a retail space.

The second view is a little quieter, but I much prefer the former view which I always find myself staring at. It’s endlessly interesting watching the activity, and you’ll also get a beautiful sunset.

The room comes with a comfortable desk/work area, a nice chair and ottoman (which Helga loves), and the beds are comfortable.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms at the Poznan Sheraton are modern, clean, and beautiful. There’s more than enough room for two people, and I’d rate the toiletries above average.

But I do have one pet peeve, and it’s that the only plug in the bathroom is the special kind for a man’s razor. To use my hair tools I always have to go out into the room and use the plug on the floor near the dressing mirror. Yes, I know. First World problems! And everything else more than makes up for this inconvenience.

One of the rooms even had a fabulous deep tub, but this is not standard for all rooms so if you or your dog want some bath time, it’s best to make sure ahead of time.


This is one of my favorite things about the Sheraton. There’s a breakfast buffet for miles… Fresh baked breads and pastries, an omelette bar, scrambled eggs, bacon and beans, European continental, and two of my local-made favorites I haven’t found anywhere else – herbed cottage cheese, and herring in tomato sauce.

They have never heard the expression “you can’t please everybody,” because they definitely do! You’ll never get bored because you can have a completely different breakfast every day – like you’re trying a whole new place.

There is table-side service for coffee and omelette delivery, and the wait staff is absolutely wonderful, courteous and helpful, and everyone speaks great English.

The windows are right on the street, and I love having my coffee and just watching the world go by. It’s a great start to the day.

Breakfast costs 150PLN per person (about $38), which is on the higher side, but so is the quality.


I always get lots of steps in Poznan and spend a lot of the day walking, so I have not availed myself of the pool, gym, or sauna, but they do exist! You can check out details at the Sheraton Poznan website.



The Rynek Restaurant doubles as the breakfast area and serves delicious and hearty local fare if you find yourself wanting to eat at the hotel. It is neat/casual, has great service, and I’ve never been disappointed. The menu selection is not huge but they have thoughtful choices, and lots of local fare. You can check out the menu at this link.

Someplace Else

Across the lobby is another eatery which I think is supposed to be modeled after an American-style pub. It’s kind of got a 1980s TGIFriday’s vibe. I’ve eaten there twice, but I’d recommend skipping it. Ironically it’s called “Someplace Else” which is where I said I wanted to eat after giving it two chances.

If you’re staying at the hotel with a group and want to go have a beer and watch a soccer game, then go for it. But there are much better places in Poznan to enjoy a meal.

The Lounge

My favorite eatery in the hotel, though, isn’t a restaurant. There’s a cute little lounge room on the 6th floor, complete with “fire TV;” beer, wine, and basic cocktails; and a mini-buffet to die for. They always have a soup of the day which has never disappointed me, fish or meat which is delicious, and an assortment of salads, finger foods, and desserts.

It opens at 6pm, and is great for an aperitif or a snack to tide you over for a late dinner, and more than once it’s been a late dinner in itself. The cost of the lounge is 150PLN per day (about $38). It’s totally worth it if you think you’ll use it.


Massive props to all the staff – from the concierge who will recommend attractions and call you a cab, to the laundry service, housekeeping, and waitstaff in the restaurants and lounge. You can tell that everyone is giving 100% to make your stay comfortable and pleasant.


Helga always has a giant puffy dog bed, and bowls waiting in the room! They also can provide you with a little map that shows you where the best spots are for walkies! There are two little parks right near the hotel.

The charge for a dog to stay in the room is 75PLN (a little less than $20) per day.

Best Dog-Friendly Hotel in Poznan

Helga definitely gives the Sheraton Poznan 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴 and says it’s the best dog-friendly hotel in Poznan! We will definitely be staying here again.

If you want to reserve a room at the Poznan Sheraton, you can book your stay here. If you do use that link, I’ll receive a small commission so thank you! Your thoughtfulness lets me keep writing dog-friendly tips and content for your travels!

Enjoy your stay at the best dog-friendly hotel in Poznan!

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