Spectacular Hotel Villa Amore Ravello – a Dog-friendly Hotel Review

There are several dog-friendly hotels to choose from in this stunning Amalfi Coast town, but I can’t imagine any being friendlier or more welcoming than Hotel Villa Amore Ravello.

Getting to Villa Amore Ravello

From Amalfi or Naples to Ravello – it’s a long and winding road no matter how you go!

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Before we get to the good stuff, a discussion of any hotel in Ravello should begin here. There’s a reason Ravello is less smothered in tourists than the coastal towns, and that’s because it takes a little planning and effort to get there, especially with a dog. You can read my post about the gardens at Villa Cimbrone for information on how to get to Ravello. Once you arrive, there’s still one more leg of your journey to go! But don’t worry, it’s totally worth it!

Ravello is pretty-much car free so the main pick-up and drop-off transportation space sits at the end of a hairpin turn right at the entrance of a short pedestrian tunnel. Villa Amore had contacted us several times to make sure that we would have a seamless entrance into the town, explaining where to park and how to go the rest of the way.

We visited Ravello as part of our 16-day road trip through Italy that you can read about here:


We came by car, and a shuttle from the parking garage made sure that we, Helga, and all our stuff got to the tunnel. I had purchased an over-shoulder bag to try out with her in taxis or on public transport and this was its debut. Despite my apprehension, it worked like a charm. She sat in the bag on my lap, and I stuck my hand through the top administering liberal head scratches and ear rubs the whole way without incident.

After we arrived, we called the hotel and they sent a porter down to us with a motorized luggage cart. It was $6 per bag but I can’t imagine hauling it all up. It was a good investment. He whisked away our bags and headed into town and up the hill.

The Walk to Hotel Villa Amore Ravello

Free of luggage, we put Helga on her leash and started walking. The pedestrian tunnel will lead you, after a short walk, to the Piazza Vescovada, the main square and social hub of the town. Surrounded by fabulous ceramic vendors, jewelry stores, cafés, restaurants, antique shops, the Villa Rufalo, and the cathedral, the piazza is full of life and color.

Turn left and the cobblestone street turns into a cobblestone walkway, and then cobblestone stairs. Ravello is small, so there are signs everywhere, pointing you to whatever attraction or hotel you need to get to. After a 10-minute uphill walk, with a shady rest stop half way up, we arrived at our destination. [Insert a huge explosion of wow factor here]

Hotel Villa Amore Ravello

The hotel has only six rooms (I think) and each one is unique. Check-in is downstairs at the restaurant. The staff member who checked me in gave me the key to the room and said after we got settled we should come back for a complementary glass of champagne. Never turn down a complementary glass of champagne, I always say! But the bubbly was not even the most impressive thing!

Look. At. This. View.

The Hotel is one of the farthest up the hill, but it is very close to Villa Cimbrone and its spectacular gardens you will not want to miss. It’s a little more than five minutes down to the Piazza where you’ll be headed to visit Ravello’s other attractions and shops. The walkway is wide and there are lots of places to stop for a moment if you want to. And the steps themselves are not tall, so it’s all very doable.

The Room

Our bags were waiting for us by our door. The room exceeded expectations, but the private terrace? Unbelievable.

Helga had a fabulous time exploring, and admiring the view. We did decide she should only go out with a leash on. Not that we were expecting her to fling herself over the edge, but better safe than sorry!


There was a lovely continental breakfast provided, but frankly we stuffed ourselves so much at dinnertime, we opted to just have a lazy coffee on our own terrace instead. The staff insisted on bringing it to the room on a tray. I tell you this – I could get very used to drinking coffee in my pajamas with that view every morning, so it’s probably good we only spent two nights before I got spoiled!

Dog-friendliness 🐾

There were no dog amenities like bowls or blankets provided in the room, although I’m sure if we had needed bowls they would have come up with something.

They noted in their listing “pets are welcome at no extra charge.” That was amazing and very rare! And needless to say Helga adored the deck, and the rest of the room. Definitely keep an eye on your dog though, especially if you’re worried about them jumping! We put Helga on a long lead after I took that one photo, and tied her off to the rail so she could explore without getting away.

Would we stay at Hotel Villa Amore Ravello Again?

Absolutely. With or without a dog, Hotel Villa Amore Ravello was spectacular! But be sure to book it very far in advance. It is small and in demand! Click HERE to check availability, and reserve this piece of heaven! Be sure to book well in advance of your trip!

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