Hi, I’m Jeanne Devon, a NYTimes best-selling author and lifelong traveler who pulled up roots on the East Coast, and headed to Alaska for fun and adventure. After 30 years on the Last Frontier, it was back across the world again for my bucket list dream of living in Europe! Unlike some other travel bloggers, you won’t see me twirling my skirt on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, or telling you to save money by sleeping in a tent. I’m a Gen-Xer who’s tasted mortality and I’m on fire to see the world and its wonders while I can – with a good roof over my head, my dog, my fella, and a cocktail.

My little village in southern Germany is super small, but it feels like it’s one cool road trip from everywhere. My husband and I, and our trusty semi-neurotic sidekick Helga the frenchie make the most out of it all – soaking in the sights, traveling as much as we can, and exploring the art, history, culture and food of this amazing continent.

Learning, writing, and exploring new places are my passions. Ok, and food. Definitely food. I love sharing recommendations, fun facts, and travel tips for humans and their furry companions.

So, I hope my words and photos inspire you to dust off your travel bag and visit some of these unique and amazing places, and also to seek out the odd, fascinating, and beautiful right where you live. The future is never guaranteed, so take your “some day” and turn it into right NOW. Thanks for checking in and traveling with us!

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Oh, and why ‘The Adventure Lion?’ On a trip to Budapest I noticed an abundance of beautiful lion sculptures and started photographing them. Then I started noticing the lions in Prague, and Heidelberg, and the Tyrol. Lions in art and architecture are everywhere, but each one has its own personality that reflects the unique style of the artist, the era of its creation, and its place in the world. Lions, to me, became the symbol of connections, and seeking and finding the unique beauty in new lands, and the delightful and different ways we all see the same things.